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Professional Dog Trainer Stephanie Bennett Serving Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.



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Review your dog's daily schedule and consider these questions honestly. Chances are, if these needs are fulfilled, you have a very well-behaved and content doggie. More often than not, once a dog gets plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and communication, many of his behavior problems will simply disappear!

Does your dog get enough exercise?

This is a biggie! All dogs love to walk, it's in their nature. It is absolutely true that a tired dog is a happy dog. Generally, a tired dog doesn't have the energy to tear up your new curtains or dig a hole to China in your backyard.

Do you have an effective standard of communication?

No matter what your Aunt Gertrude says about her 16 year old Poodle, dogs do not speak English! We have to show them and teach them how we want them to behave. The best way to accomplish this is through obedience training. Proper training creates happy, well-mannered dogs and fosters effective communication.

Does your dog get plenty of mental stimulation?

As important as physical exercise is, mental stimulation is also critical. Most breeds of dogs were originally bred to do a job; they were created for a purpose. As household pets, most dogs are never asked to herd the cattle, pull the sled, hunt for dinner, guard the sheep, or kill vermin on the farm! Without mental stimulation, a dog will become bored and/or anxious and as a result, behavior issues will most likely ensue.

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Professional Dog Trainer Stephanie Bennett, owner of Get Along Little Doggie, is a Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist (CTBS) serving Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. Contact Stephanie for a free dog training evaluation today!