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Professional Dog Trainer Stephanie Bennett Serving Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.



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We will teach you to train your dog using the three most important principles of Timing, Motivation and Consistency. With these in your toolbox, you will be able to train your dog to do just about anything!

Dogs live in the present. Good OR Bad, you must catch them


in the act.

is of utmost importance!


Praise and Rewards serve as excellent

Good rewards can capture and sustain your doggies attention even when the neighbors kitty cat is lolling on your porch.


You must be 100%

There is no grey area for dogs. Training must be very clear. A rule is a RULE.

At the end of every lesson, you will be provided with a worksheet detailing HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS, tips for general use and maintenance, and other useful information regarding the particular lessons taught that day. Remember, it takes time to teach your dog to perform reliably and correctly. Dogs need three to six months of repetition and reinforcement to commit a behavior to long-term memory. This means that it is of utmost importance that you continue to work with your dog after the lessons are over if you want the training to stick. The longer you take to teach and reinforce the exercises, the better your dog will perform!

Professional Dog Trainer Stephanie Bennett, owner of Get Along Little Doggie, is a Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist (CTBS) serving Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. Contact Stephanie for a free dog training evaluation today!