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A great choice for coffee lovers

This is one of the most popular drinks on earth. Millions of fans cannot start their day without a cup of aromatic coffee. It is doubly pleasant if, in addition to delicious coffee, you also get bonuses. Such opportunity is available for customers of Starbucks company. This one offers a great reward credit card which is called Starbucks Rewards. The card members would earn stars when purchase products and services with this credit card. Then they can redeem every 125 stars for a drink or food. However, let’s consider it closer!

Almost all actions with the card different transactions bring bonuses except. If you a thinking about applying for a card you should be aware of bonuses for new cardholders. The main one is 4500 stars that can be exchanged for 36 cups of coffee. To earn this bonus new member must spend $500 in the interval of 3 months from the account creation. 250 stars are offered for those who install mobile app to their mobile.

This card can be used anywhere you want and every $4 spent outside of the Starbucks stores bring 1 star. Also when you load cash to your card via mobile app you earn 1 star for every $1 and 2 stars for every $1 when you spend this money at company locations. Moreover, every approved customer obtains a Gold Status and has a chance to earn more stars.

This credit card has annual fee $49. It is not a big sum especially if take into account all benefits you receive. Balance transfers take either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer. Moreover, take into account that foreign transactions are not free it is necessary to pay 3% of each transaction.

Hope, Starbucks fans will appreciate the benefits of this card. Good luck!